Dynastie Liao (907-1125), tombe mural, anonyme, Mongolie Intérieure

Atelier YÔ

Atelier YÔ is a space dedicated, above all, to the sincerity of being, to the joy of living.

YÔ, is a polysemic word in Chinese and Japanese, the first occurrence of which dates back to 1100 B.C. Consistent with its semantic evolution through time, today the word means: to travel, to stroll, to have fun, to persuade.

Atelier YÔ is located in the heart of the historic district of Avignon. Nestled on the ground floor of a 17th century building, Atelier YÔ is cooled by ancient stones in the shadow of the Palais des Papes, pens onto a quiet, verdant inner courtyard.

Through the arts of tea and ceramics, this half-private, half-public place, governed by a non-profit association*, aims to offer another way of celebrating the arts and tea, one that is both sincere and playful.

Exhibition visits and participation in activities are organized in small groups, in order to promote an intimate exchange between visitors, artists and tea masters. You’ll admire the exceptional works at your leisure. You’ll taste rare teas in our secret garden. You’ll cross paths with sensitive souls and aesthetes. Together, let's explore further the path of tea, ceramics, and the art of living.

* Association Atelier YÔ, loi 1901

Dynastie Song (960-1279), auteur inconnu

Association YÔ

Atelier YÔ Association is dedicated to the arts of tea and ceramics, but is also open to other forms of creation.

The project was born of Chinlin Hsieh's desire to share her passion and highlight the creations of ceramic artists and exceptional tea producers.

Originally from Taiwan and trained in the fine arts, Chinlin has lived in France since the 1990s and devoted twenty years to working in distribution, production, and selection in auteur cinema in Europe. She has made two films, including "Flowers of Taipei", which was screened at the Venice Film Festival in 2014.

A lifelong tea lover, she developed her personal style of ceramics with Laetitia Pineda: harvesting clays from nature, shaping by hand and without a wheel, firing with wood in an oven built by herself in her Provençal garden.

Atelier YÔ frees itself from the conventions of the gallery, with its white walls and impersonal lighting: in Avignon, in the shadow of the Palais des Papes, the space is warm and friendly. The works breathe and thrive in a living environment, forming a setting conducive to ceremonies and tea tastings.

Through temporary exhibitions and various activities, Atelier YÔ is a space open to all who are fond of the arts -- of tea, of ceramics, and of a rich, fulfilling life.