ceramics exhibition 20-30 July 2022

Laetitia Pineda


Laetitia Pineda

Acclaimed around the world, including galleries and museums in Kyoto, the work of Laetitia Pineda is being exhibited for the first time in Provence.

Récolte de terre

Laetitia live and works, timelessly, in the heart of a luxuriant forest.

Bowls and teapots are born from clay harvested directly from the earth.
Gently shaped with no other tools but the hands.
Transcended by the indomitable wood fire.

Your visit

Atelier YÔ welcomes you from 2 to 8 p.m. daily, 20-30 July. Visits are by appointment only so that you can enjoy a more authentic experience.

Located in the heart of the historic district of Avignon right by the Palais des Papes, and nestled on the ground floor of a 17th century building, Atelier YÔ opens onto a quiet, verdant inner courtyard.

When making your appointment, please do not forget to specify your contact details as well as the day you wish to visit. We will confirm your appointment soonest and provide you with the address of Atelier YÔ.

20-30 juillet 2022

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Events : 20-30 July 2022

Chanoyu, Japanese tea ceremony

Tea Professor: Domiko Kawano

A disciple of master Ikura and certified in Japan, Domiko Kawano has been teaching the art of Japanese tea since 2002. Her teaching ranges from classes in her private teahouse in Toulouse to numerous cultural institutions in France.

2-4 people per session.
Price per person: 20€

20-23 juillet 2022


Tea ceremonies and rituals from around the world

Tea researcher : Léo Perrin

A young prodigy with unerring taste, Léo Perrin has been a professionnal tea researcher for numerous years. Globetrotting from Asia through Georgia to Africa and back, Léo encounters passionate and exciting independent growers, discovering rare and precious teas.

Leo will share with you exceptional teas from his private collection, his encyclopedic knowledge, as well as stories and anecdotes from his most memorable journeys.

20-30 juillet 2022

2-4 people per session.
Price per person: 20€


Tea Tasting

Apart from ceremonies by tea masters, you may also enjoy our selection of teas on your own, or with guidance from our Staff.

On tatami, in the courtyard or by the counter, a selection of exceptional teas are on offer. Our teas are exclusively from independent producers from Taïwan, China, Japan and other countries of production.

You may taste one tea, or several for comparison.

20-30 juillet 2022

By reservation.
Price per person: from 20€


Food and tea pairing

The Atelier YÔ kitchen counter functions like an Izakaya, a Japanese tapas bar where cheerful souls gather in the evening after work around a warm counter. Small plates concocted around the chef's inspiration are accompanied by sake, shoju or beer at Izakayas, but here, at YÔ, we serve exceptional teas, hot or cold, pure or in cocktails.

On the menu are five dishes with seasonal, local and organic ingredients, brightened with spices from around the world. And, of course, each dish is paired in perfect harmony with its own tea.

20-30 juillet 2022

Set menu, 50€ per person.
By reservation (5 guests maximum).

reservation on the menu

Film screenings

Cha Ma Gu Dao, Delamu - Tian Zhuangzhuang

China, 2004 - 1h50

The Chinese province of Yunnan is famous for its thousand-year-old road, the road of Cha Ma Gu Dao, through which caravans once transported tea, salt and grain.

Tian Zhuangzhuang made it the subject of this documentary where he retraces the history of the caravans and describes the life of the people of the Nujiang river valley, in the North-West of Yunnan. It took the filmmaker five years to make this documentary, the name of which references the protective goddess in Tibetan.

Tibetan Autonomous Region are filmed without comment and without artifice. “I have never seen a movie like Delamu, where the local people are so full of grace and dignity,” declares a friend of the director, "because in Tian's inner world, Yunnan is the land closest to the gods and its people have a life imbued with mysticism.”

Source : Wang Yangqiang

20-30 juillet 2022

Free entrance.


Kamataki - Claude Gagnon

Canada-Japan, 2006 - 1h50

Ken Antoine is twenty-three years old and fed up with life. One winter morning, he jumps into the frozen waters of the St. Lawrence River. But fate has different plans for him...

Confused, Ken ends up with his Japanese father's brother, Uncle Takuma, a potter by profession. Ken suddenly stumbles into an unknown universe, exotic but disconcerting. Without realizing it, Ken discovers beauty where he had never seen it, reconnecting him with life…

Source : official synopsis

20-30 juillet 2022

Free entrance.